Newsletter: Employee Spotlight

January, 2023

Eric Hollohan, Technical Support Engineer 

If you’ve recently called into ZeeVee’s customer support line, you may have heard the voice of Eric Hollohan, technical support engineer. Eric joined ZeeVee in June 2022 and offers ready assistance to customers with troubleshooting and answering any questions they may have.

“At ZeeVee, we’re 110% set up for success. Every member of the support team is given access to a workspace containing racks of ZeeVee and other AV products that we can use to recreate customers’ setups to better troubleshoot their issues,” said Eric. “I love being huddled in a room with ZeeVee products all day.”

Eric has had many moments throughout his career for which he could be proud, such as cutting turn-around times on escalated priority cases and writing a tool to assist with reading log files. However, he is most proud of his ability to master the products he’s supporting. In a previous role when he was on the support team for a line of Wi-Fi speakers, he took the time to learn the devices inside and out. His curiosity led him to discover that, through reverse engineering, he could control what pops up on the speakers’ displays. He decided to have fun with this newfound knowledge, of course, and pranked his co-workers by having their speakers tell them to “refill the water cooler.”

Growing up, Eric had always found computers to be fascinating. He was impressed with how a seemingly simple device could take information in the form of ones and zeros and output a visual experience for the end-user. He believes the pro AV industry is even more fascinating because not only can we store large amounts of this information on a single device, but we can send it to another network location for playback and even synchronization across multiple devices. He says that the sheer amount of data, coordination and precision makes his “nerd senses tingle.”

Eric notes that from the radio to color TV and surround sound to high-definition audio and video, AV has become much more immersive for users. He believes that over the next five to 10 years, the industry will continue to provide products and services that push the limits of immersive experiences. He also expects to see much more virtual and augmented reality, whether it be audio and video streamed to a headset or a user stepping into a room where the walls, ceilings and floors are all displays.

“ZeeVee creates a robust user experience for everyone – from the basic user to the power user. The user interface on the ZyPer Management Platform makes setting up complex AV over IP systems a simple task for even the most technologically challenged. In addition, our API provides functionality that may be utilized by our more sophisticated users to achieve even more highly customized and unique experiences,” said Eric.

He currently lives in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, about an hour away from Boston, and spends much of his free time researching computer and network security. He is also a video game enthusiast with Call of Duty: Warzone and Lost Ark topping his favorite games list.