Newsletter: Distributor Profile

October-November, 2022

Aaron Starr, CEO, NACE, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Since its founding in 1992, North American Cable Equipment (NACE) has supplied cable, satellite television equipment, video surveillance and AV signal distribution products to distributors, integrators, satellite television operators and builders throughout the North American market. In addition to AVoIP, RF modulation and video streaming signal distribution gear, the company carries a full line of CATV, MATV, SMATV and CCTV equipment.

Aaron Starr, CEO, NACE

For years, NACE has sold ZeeVee RF modulation encoders and decoders, and more recently expanded its business to include ZeeVee’s SDVoE AVoIP signal distribution solutions. Across these two technologies, NACE has placed ZeeVee products in a wide range of settings, including sports bars and restaurants, airports, university campuses, casinos, hotels, museums, aircraft, government facilities, malls, houses of worship and enterprise settings.

From the beginning of our relationship, ZeeVee has been impressed by how each NACE salesperson is trained in all technical aspects of signal distribution over a two-year period in the NACE Certified Sales Engineer (CSE) program. This curriculum, which is made up of eight separate courses totaling 180 classroom hours, enables graduates to effectively architect, engineer and present a full bill of materials to integrators based on comprehensive site surveys or needs analyses.

“Our sales staff doesn’t need part numbers. Let us know what you need and we will take it from there,” said Aaron Starr, CEO, NACE. “We offer a full suite of services that extends widely to areas including free site survey evaluation, presentation of complete bills of materials, pre-sales design assistance and post-sales technical support.”

In terms of customer service and technical support, NACE and ZeeVee are kindred spirits. Both staffs are diligent, highly analytical and willing to go above and beyond to make sure that integrator and end-user questions are answered and problems are fully resolved. In addition to offering 24/7/365 support, NACE has a 16-person team which conducts in-house configuration of all ZeeVee and other systems, prior to shipment.

The company has multiple distribution centers – in Pennsylvania, Missouri and Nevada – helping to ensure timely delivery while reducing shipping and handling costs to customers.

“We appreciate ZeeVee’s innovative and reliable products, as well as its willingness to listen to and address the needs of the marketplace,” said Starr. “We believe AV Over IP will continue to grow and increase market share over the next five years, with streaming being the fastest growing sector. Streaming is very network dependent, and as sites continue to upgrade and improve their bandwidth pipe, streaming will likely be the largest growth sector if looking at future growth horizons.

“ZeeVee offers great products that support virtually all AV signal distribution options. This, along with the immediate availability of these products and quality customer service, makes working with them particularly attractive to integrators looking to keep their customers happy.”