Newsletter: AV Pro Tricks

March, 2023

By Eric Hollohan, Technical Support Engineer

As you can imagine, we get all kinds of questions via the ZeeVee Technical Support phone support lines. This is great because  we’re here to help.

That said, there are some recurring calls we get that have relatively quick and simple fixes. I provide several of these below that may enable you to save a call and your precious time (show of hands—have you recently experienced any of these issues)?

  • How do I set an IP address on my system?

When doing a first time set up of an RF system, you’d normally be able to do this right in the user interface. However, for AVoIP systems, one is usually assigned by default. If you want to set a specific IP address on the network, you’d need to go into the API and set it there using a specific command.

  • What is Delay Matched Audio Out and how do I use it?

Delay matched audio is an analog out port on our ZeeVee Pro RF products. Integrators often run into issues with this because there are some stipulations regarding its use. For instance, you can’t just plug in an audio source to the AV system and expect to deliver audio to any endpoint. Analog audio that's been input into port one can only be output from the delay matched audio port. For this type of setup, perhaps to connect an external audio source in a bar environment, the delay matched audio port enables a signal to be delayed a certain amount of milliseconds before the audio signal is delivered. This is important because the separate video and audio signals can fall out of sync during signal processing.

  • Why am I not getting the right channel on my TV via my RF or ZyPerUHD system?

A common call we get concerning our RF and ZyPerUHD encoders and decoders is from customers who are not getting the expected channel on their TV, but rather a ZeeVee logo and maybe a "source not found" message. Many customers who see the ZeeVee logo on this screen call us right away. However, this is likely not a ZeeVee issue, but rather a notification that the ZeeVee device has not detected any input source. For this, we advise you check your source connections before calling.

  • Why is the video from the ZyPerUHD system unclear or distorted?

The vast majority of the time, this issue is caused by improper switch settings. When this comes up, we ask the caller to print out a switch configuration, a text-based document that we reference against the network setup checklists that we have on our website.

You'll definitely find answers to any of these questions and concerns, and many more, in the manuals and product and network setup guides on the ZeeVee website via this link. Of course, if you have any issues finding the answers you need, call us. Did I mention we’re always happy to help?

We also encourage customers to also reach out to Netgear as a Pro AV Network Design Resource at