ZeeVee Security Features and Best Practices

Securing AV over IP Delivery, Protecting Digital Content and Mitigating Risk

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ZeeVee Security Features and Best Practices

Executive Summary

Forward-looking organizations are deploying AV over IP systems to eliminate electronic video distribution cost and complexity. Hackers may try to penetrate IP networks to steal video content or disrupt operations so system integrators and planners must properly secure AV over IP implementations to avoid exposure.

ZeeVee AV over IP solutions are specifically designed to ensure the security and integrity of IP-based video. The ZyPer AV over IP product family supports an extensive set of standards-based security mechanisms including strong access controls, robust media and management stream encryption, and high-bandwidth digital content protection to help companies safeguard content and mitigate risks.

This white paper reviews AV over IP security considerations, describes ZyPer security features and capabilities, and provides additional guidelines for protecting electronic video content.