IP Enabled Keypad Controller


Simply command the ZyPer Management Platform.

ZyPerPad is a 10-button IP enabled keypad controller aimed at providing customers a simple means of sending commands to the ZyPer Management Platform (ZMP). With built-in PoE, it can receive power from an PoE enabled ethernet switch. It supports individual button configuration via a simple to use web user interface.

Easy Configuration

The ZyPerPad includes a browser based graphical user inter face to easily configure the unit. Supports DHCP and Static IP Addresses.

Any ZMP API Command

The 10 buttons can be programmed to execute any ZMP API command or series of API commands. This includes the ability to run “Presets” consisiting of an unlimited number of commands.

User Customization

Allows administrators to provide customized access to the AV system. Perfect for when it is disired for an individual user to only control a limited number of displays or sources.


10 Programmable Buttons

PoE (Only 1.3W of power)

Easily Programmed

Standard US 1-Gang Box Size

Pre-printed Button Labels


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