Compress 4K AV over 1Gb Ethernet



Compressed 4K AV over 1Gb Ethernet


End of Sale Announcement for the ZyPerUHD (a.k.a. ZyPerUHD30) Product Line


Dear ZeeVee Partner:

This letter is a formal notification that ZeeVee is initiating the end-of-sale (EOS) process for the ZyPerUHD product line. In the field, this first-generation 1G AV over IP offering is often referred to as ZyPerUHD30 to distinguish it from our ZyPerUHD60 product line launched in Q1 2023. Please share this letter with all your customers who have invested in the ZyPerUHD product line.

We recognize and thank you for ZyPerUHD's terrific success over the last several years. One goal of this notice is to provide you with adequate time to notify your customers so they can address any planned expansions that incorporate ZyPerUHD. While we project that we have a sufficient supply of units to meet last-time purchases through September 1, 2024, we cannot guarantee availability to a defined date. However, please be assured that ZeeVee will maintain an inventory of ZyPerUHD units for warranty purposes, ensuring ongoing support for your customers.

For any new projects requiring a 1G AV over IP solution, we strongly recommend that you standardize on ZyPerUHD60, our newer, full-featured product line. Due to the advanced chipset in the UHD60, there is no interoperability between ZyPerUHD and ZyPerUHD60 products.

Product Series Product Name Part Number Projected Availability*
ZyPerUHDZyPerUHD EncoderZyPerUHD-E9/1/2024
ZyPerUHDZyPerUHD DecoderZyPerUHD-D9/1/2024
ZyPerUHDZyPerUHD Wallplate EncoderZyPerUHD-WE9/1/2024
ZyPerUHDZyPerUHD Rack KitZUHDRACK9/1/2024
ZyPerUHDZyPerUHD Blank Filler PlaterZUHDBP9/1/2024
ZyPerUHDZeeVee ZyPerUHD Evaluation Accessory KitUHDEVALKITNo longer available

*Based upon current supply. First come, first served.

The ZeeVee team thanks you for your attention to this matter.

Please contact me at (203) 314-5384 or jchordas@zeevee.com with any questions.


Best regards,

Joseph S. Chordas
VP, North American Sales & Corporate Marketing

Cc: Bob Michaels, President & CEO, Brian Greene, CFO and VP, Operations

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