ZeeVee Tips for Installers and End-Users to Free Their Inner Creativity


ZeeVee Tips for Installers and End-Users to Free Their Inner Creativity

Multiviews, Video Walls and Projector Edge Blending
Allow AV Pro’s to Help their Imaginations Reign Free

LITTLETON, Mass., September 21, 2020 — As savvy AV professionals are always looking for ways to create effective and eye-popping installations that will thrill their clients, ZeeVee offers insights into how they can integrate the latest advanced imaging techniques, such as multiviews, video walls and projector edge blending, into their latest projects.

Here are six key tips and takeaways for pro AV integrators and end-users about the opportunities created by advanced imaging signal distribution:

  • You Can Think Big with Multiview and Video Walls: Multiview enables multiple images to appear on a monitor or video wall from multiple sources. How flexible can multiviews be? A monitor or video wall set up in a 2×2 configuration, with “windows” displaying images from four sources, can be arranged in 24 different combinations. A 3×3 configuration with nine windows yields a whopping 362,880 combinations! Video walls can encompass two to as many as 81 individual screens.
  • Create a Multiview “Canvas” for Your Masterpiece: All multiviews are created on a virtual canvas that you can think of as a simple drawing platform. With this approach you can design multiviews of two to nine windows with signals scaled to the proper resolution.
  • You Can Cross (Scaled and Unscaled) Streams: While the stream used in a multiview is scaled by default, it is possible to incorporate both scaled and unscaled streams in a multiview under certain conditions—particularly for the creation of “L-shaped” multi-views
  • Take a Layered Approach to Multiviews: A multiview window supports nine layers where streams can reside. Labeled from one to nine, the higher numbered layers sit on top of lower numbered layers. For example, a stream at layer four would sit on top of any streams on layer one, two or three.
  • Sending Multiviews to Video Walls is a Snap: You can feed a multiview directly to a video wall by adding an extra encoder and extra decoder and no other hardware to the system to create virtually any configuration of images.
  • Make a Bigger Statement with Projector Edge Blending: Edge blending is the technique employed when multiple projectors are used to create a single large image. It does this by “smoothing out” the images from adjacent projectors by slightly overlapping their edges slightly and compensating for the double brightness this creates in these regions.

“While multiviews and video walls are growing buzzwords in the industry and many AV professionals have begun exploring the possibilities, we find that most are only scratching the surface,” said Art Weeks, ZeeVee’s director of product management.

“The fast emerging AVoIP platform is superior to traditional AV matrix solutions for pulling off advanced imaging techniques—and there is a hunger for education and training on how to maximize them for any number of vertical market applications. The first step is always simply learning what is possible.”

Training on Advanced Imaging September 24

For those who would like to dig deeper into the world of advanced imaging signal distribution, consider attending ZeeVee’s next Certified Solution Partner Training webinar on Thursday, September 24. During the session, Weeks will provide an in-depth overview of multiview and video wall creation—without additional hardware—within the ZeeVee AV over IP ecosystem that includes the ZeeVee’s ZyPer Management Platform and ZyPer4K (SDVoE) and ZyPerUHD (JPEG2000) encoders and decoder. Register to join the training session, which is being offered at two times, via these links:


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