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MARCH 2021

Our Passion is AV distribution: It's What We Do.

Last month, I wrote about our commitment to listening and its importance to our sales and management team to ensure our customers and partners are supported on a day-to-day basis, as well as for nurturing solid working relationships.

AV encoding and distribution over networks is what we do. From coax to IP, it’s our passion and where our deep technical expertise is focused. With 14 years of experience in RF modulation, and over six years in AVoIP and streaming, we address applications in just about every vertical, from hospitality, healthcare, enterprise and higher education to entertainment venues, retail, government and beyond.

Now, I’d like to illustrate how your voices have driven our efforts to support the pro AV marketplace and how it’s enabled us to evolve to become the only manufacturer that can address virtually all video distribution applications.

When we introduced our first AVoIP product family back in 2015, based on uncompressed technology (now known as SDVoE), it was at a time when AVoIP was still relatively new. From the start, our partners said that we needed our designs to be as straightforward and intuitive as possible to configure, install, support and expand systems. Our resulting ZyPer Management Platform, now six years old and with constantly improving features and functionality, relieves integrators of the traditional grind and pain in these processes. Validating its level of intuitive simplicity is the fact that we don’t demand your employees to devote days each year to attending product training courses that can be covered in just a few hours. Instead we focus on technology training to help equip our partners with a broader range of solutions.

Our approach has always been to provide the right product for the right application. While uncompressed AV over IP is the ultimate replacement for traditional proprietary switches, it may not always be the most appropriate for all budgets or infrastructure requirements. As a result, we added compressed solutions (JPEG2000 and H.264 codecs) to work on the same management platform as our SDVoE range—enabling multiple codecs for different applications to be managed simultaneously.

We regularly hear from integrators and end-users from a wide swath of markets that the ZyPer Management Platform’s flexibility and intuitive user interface have been major factors in selecting ZeeVee AVoIP solutions for their AV needs.

RF modulation remains a significant part of our business. Our extensive range of RF and combined RF and IP modulator/encoders provide integrators and AV managers with the means to deliver high-quality content from HD and SD sources to virtually any number of locations over any distance. These solutions are created for global customers and are designed for the world’s most deployed RF modulation standards, QAM and DVB-T/C. ZeeVee’s deep-rooted expertise in digital encoding, including pro AV compression standards, ensures superior quality of transmitted content, as well as RF signal compatibility with televisions, displays, set-top boxes and similar devices.

ZeeVee's video streaming products, including the ZyPerMX4 and ZyPerMX2 H.264 encoders, allow for quick and easy delivery of television programming, digital signage or any other type of user-generated content to any screen on an IP network. The STBi3 is a flexible set top box that decodes digital RF content delivered over coax or H.264 video streams distributed over an IP network, or both simultaneously. To manage HLS video content easily, we offer the fully interactive, web-based ZyPerMX Player Electronic Program Guide that requires no installation.

If you are moving video, whether it be via H.264, uncompressed 4K, or just about any other codec, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of technology that offers a variety of form factors and input types to meet the needs and budgets of virtually every customer.

The idea that “video distribution is what we do” may seem a narrow business decision, but in truth, it’s far from it. Video is more critical than ever in just about any business sector, and new and innovative applications are constantly presenting themselves. Our focus and dedication to staying at the forefront of video technology in this fast-paced environment has, and will continue to serve the industry well.

All the best,

Bob Michaels
CEO, ZeeVee

Mark Your Calendars for Our Upcoming Webinars 

  • March 11: Advanced Imaging with ZeeVee Director, Product Management Art Weeks: This session will provide a technical dive into how ZyPer4K (SDVoE) and ZyPerUHD (JPEG2000) AVoIP encoders and decoders, as well as the ZyPer Management Platform, work together to enable eye-popping multiviews, blended projection images and video walls. Attendees will earn one AVIXA CTS credit.   
  • March 18: ZeeVee Certified Solution Partner Training on AVoIP and RF Modulation: Are you a system integrator or AV installer looking to become an AV over IP and RF expert? Join us for this informative session and receive up to 3.5 AVIXA CTA credits.    

You can get additional information and register for these, and other upcoming events, via this link.     


Our SIGNAL Partner website provides access to past SIGNAL Session and Certified Solution Partner Training webinars. To learn more about becoming a ZeeVee SIGNAL Partner, go to this link or contact sales@zeevee.com.   

Each month, we highlight our valued partners in this section. This month, we asked some of our customers what our partnership means to them. Here is what they said…

“I find ZeeVee to be extremely helpful and responsive—often solving any technical issues within 24 hours. In fact, at one-point they performed no less than three controller firmware upgrades to keep a recent project installation on track.”
- Doug Whelan, NMR Events

“ZeeVee is one of our more proactive manufacturer partners. Its valuable SIGNAL Sessions and Certified Solution Partner Training webinars are very frequent and cover many topics. Technical support at the front end with Art Weeks, and customer service support with Melanie Rodrigue’s team once clients have the ZeeVee products in their hands, has been a great resource for us.”
- Rob Narzisi, Advanced Media Technologies (AMT)

“I work very closely with my ZeeVee sales rep, John Costa, and the experience has been pretty fantastic. He’s always very responsive and professional in his dealings with me or my customers—from specifying systems to project deployment. My approach to my business is very high touch, and John is completely in alignment with that.”
- Ryan McLaughlin, Accu-Tech Dallas
ZeeVee Powers Robust Command and Control Applications
Reliable, high-quality video is crucial to today’s command and control centers. We have been finding that integrators and end-users in this market are early adopters of AVoIP signal distribution, choosing it over traditional matrix switch options. The reason for this is that AVoIP network infrastructure design is giving these vital agencies a higher level of performance and more flexibility in system design and scale, as well as better future-readiness as their needs change. 

ZeeVee ZyPer4K AVoIP (SDVoE) solutions have been deployed in numerous critical command and control settings including NASA, Taiwan Maritime Port Bureau (pictured above) and Denver County and City Emergency Operations Center (pictured below). For each of these installations, pixel-for-pixel quality video distribution with near zero latency was required so that their personnel can maintain an accurate view of what is being monitored in real-time.  
To effectively support critical monitoring, communications and public safety functions, it is extremely important for command and control systems to deliver content from multiple sources with high performance and 24/7 reliability. By working on any IP network, from 10Gb to 100Mb, ZyPer4K encoders and decoders enable more AV to be distributed to stakeholders across longer distances. 
Beyond system performance, our ZyPer4K encoders and decoders, and ZyPer Management Platform control system, offer intuitive operation and can be managed by personnel at all levels of technological sophistication.  
Two distinct needs of government agencies are cost-effectiveness and the ability to meet their budgets. Our AVoIP solution offers a high degree of flexibility so that the number of endpoints can be adjusted, as necessary, for additional sources and monitors (unlike replacing an expensive traditional matrix switch that only offers a fixed number of inputs and outputs that cannot be exceeded). By leveraging standard Ethernet protocols, our ZyPer4K encoders and decoders deliver content over off-the-shelf network switches and don’t require proprietary hardware, software or programming. This also affords the ability to mix and match our ZyPer4K encoders and decoders with a wide variety of products from other manufacturers to best meet application and budget needs.  
The transition to data networks from legacy AV systems requires the accurate assessment of network bandwidth demands and capacity in the planning and implementation phases. If you’re working with command and control center clients, we’d love to connect with you to explore how ZeeVee ZyPe4K and the ZyPer Management Platform can best meet your clients’ needs. Ping us at sales@zeevee.com.
As a proud co-founder of the SDVoE Alliance, we are happy to inform you of some of the organization’s upcoming programs.

SDVoE Developer Training and Certification
SDVoE Alliance is now accepting applications from programmers and software developers to get early access to its developer certification program that will feature a basic eight module qualification course followed by an exam. Those successfully completing the program will earn “SDVoE Certified Developer” status and will be given access to additional resources. Detailed online documentation and advanced training walk developers through the more complex features of the SDVoE API including multiview, video wall and more. There will also be a private user forum where SDVoE members and certified developers can mingle and share tips, tricks and questions.
If you want to learn how to create amazing user experiences on an interoperable AV-over-IP platform, you can apply now here.
New Course: SDVoE Selling Fundamentals
One of the key principles of selling anything is to first understand the needs of the customer. While we may be keen to position all the benefits of SDVoE from the outset, this doesn't show the customer that we're listening to their particular needs. This course features a simple "traffic light" model to help you get to "YES"!
New Course: SDVoE Selling Fundamentals

You can learn more at SDVoE Academy.
AV Magazine
ZeeVee Partners with Smart Monkeys
February 17, 2021
Pro AV show control design and programming firm Smart Monkeys, Inc. is partnering with ZeeVee, Inc. to extend the benefits of AVoIP to specialist integrators working on large-scale installations. ZeeVee’s ZyPer Management Platform now natively supports the ISAAC API which enables users to customise, control, schedule, log and manage complex media presentations via a unified programming and front-end management workspace. This allows for ZyPer4K SDVoE AVoIP encoders and decoders to be controlled from the ISAAC workspace ‘out of the box’ with no additional programming required. In addition, ISAAC users receive the full complement of ZyPer Management Platform system operation and monitoring data. LINK TO ENTIRE STORY
InPark Magazine
ZeeVee’s ZyPer Management Platform now natively supporting Smart Monkeys’ ISAAC API
February 25, 2021
“Smart Monkey’s ISAAC Platform provides integrators faced with more challenging AV projects with a robust, high performing and reliable integrated system they can offer their customers with a high degree of confidence,” said Joseph Chordas, VP Marketing and North American Sales, ZeeVee. “Together, we are well positioned to provide solutions to specialized markets, including entertainment, hospitality, enterprise and others where there is a growing call for the ability to create larger and more immersive visual statements.” LINK TO ENTIRE STORY
Professional Systems
Screen sharing as simple as possible (translated from German)
February 17, 2021
With ZVconnect, ZeeVee would like to offer a simple and robust solution for the wireless transmission of content for the conference room - without installing drivers or software or having to use a WLAN network. The system deliberately dispenses with all kinds of features and focuses on the essentials. This practical test should show how well this works. LINK TO ENTIRE STORY
Employee of the Month – Michael Tavares 
If you’ve ever called ZeeVee’s support line, you may have heard the voice of March’s employee of the month, Michael Tavares. Michael is ZeeVee’s support manager, IP products and is primarily responsible for managing inbound pre- and post-sales customer support requests. He also recently celebrated his four-year anniversary as support manager (congratulations!).   
“What I love the most about ZeeVee is its ability to maintain what I call ‘startup energy,’” said Michael. “I’ve worked at many organizations where bureaucracy gets in the way of quality and efficiency. At ZeeVee, the employees here treat each other like family and are always willing to jump in and help. That’s probably why we have quicker solve times than many other organizations.”  
There are few things Michael is prouder of than the team he works with every day. Thanks to the customer service techs in his department, Michael and his team are able to simulate a customer’s AV system environment in-house to troubleshoot callers’ issues firsthand. This means customers are always presented with a personalized support experience.  
What Michael finds most interesting about the pro AV industry is its ability to adapt to the seemingly endless number of ways consumers want video to be delivered to a screen. 
“There are so many ways ZeeVee’s customers have used our products – from digital signage to sports books to video conferencing – I feel like I’ve seen it all,” said Michael. “But I know there’s always someone new about to come along and change the game. ZeeVee follows a simple rule, when AV product applications get more complex, our products get more simplified. We’ve started creating ‘all-in-one’ products that can be used for anything, which saves our customers both time and money.” 
Michael lives happily with his husband and three cats in the Boston area. If you need a travel buddy, Michael is your guy. He loves travelling around the world and can’t wait until he can go back to his favorite port – Hawaii.