The future of AV distribution is standards-based IP
ZeeVee was one of the earliest proponents of AV distribution over IP, and now the overall industry has mustered together and turned in that direction as well. We see adoption accelerating in Europe, and Asia is starting to sprint forward as well. The shift is being driven by forward-thinking, top-tier consultants, unburdened by legacy and proprietary hardware schemes. The change is broad and is happening across all verticals. Ironically, in the United States—the birthplace of the technology—the adoption of AVoIP is lagging. Why?

One of the main reasons we have observed is that AV technology consumers in the U.S. have become somewhat risk averse and are fatigued by the never-ending slew of new products and technologies promising much and delivering less. It can be tempting to fall back on older technologies such as HDBase-T, or other familiar, but ultimately limited AV methods. As a result, some AV professionals who are tasked with finding and recommending the best and most cost-effective solutions are often sinking their client’s money into dead or dying technologies that are not future-proof, and arguably, already obsolete.

From the very beginnings of AVoIP, ZeeVee has been committed to evangelizing for the industry and providing it with crucial technical training and educational materials – support which goes much deeper than pushing a sales pitch for a particular solution. Our leadership in this effort includes conducting classes in 20 countries, often in conjunction with like-minded partners such as NETGEAR and the SDVoE Alliance (of which we are a founding member).

We joined the AVoIP camp early and lead the SDVOE Alliance in experience and investment. All new technologies require learning curves, and we went through the troubleshooting phase five years ago, investing millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours to hone our current, battle-tested product line of class-leading hardware and, more importantly, software and management solutions. On those occasions where technical support is needed, we stand behind our systems and move quickly to work through any issues—whether or not it’s our products or the customer’s overall network causing the issue.

As Steve Metzger, our co-founder and VP Hardware and Operations is fond of saying, when it comes to the distribution of AV, “Never bet against Ethernet and IP.” One only has to remember how quickly almost all voice communication on the planet moved from circuit-switching to IP distribution for proof of the power of that thought. The inevitability of the wider acceptance of AV over IP in the U.S. represents a mind-boggling opportunity for the savviest integrators. We are here to assist them every step of the way in building their success.

Bob Michaels
CEO, ZeeVee

These have been a busy few months for ZeeVee internationally. In September, ZeeVee participated in InfoComm India in Bombay, where we rolled out our full breadth of AV distribution solutions to the more than 11,500 IT and AV pros in attendance. Our EMEA Sales Director, Rob Muddiman, was interviewed by InAVate APAC Magazine on ZeeVee’s AVoIP offerings. You can catch his insights via this link (which includes a video)…

In late October, we attended Medical Device Development Expo (MEDIX) in Tokyo with one of our newest distribution partners, Itochu Cable. At this event, which brought together the latest technologies for the design and manufacture of medical solutions and devices, we presented our ZyPer4K SDVoE AVoIP products to the region’s medical and healthcare communities.

We co-hosted a consultant tour of the new Samsung Experience Centre in Kings Cross in November with our U.K. partner Snelling Business Systems. The hands-on presentation included a full briefing on the project as well as a Q&A session. The 20,000 square foot facility features ZeeVee’s Zyper4K SDVoE AVoIP 10GB uncompressed product line that enables pixel-for-pixel HDR10+ content to be distributed with zero latency from any source to any display—including the world’s first (and jaw-dropping!) 10m LED curved screen. Attendees saw how the more than 200 ZeeVee endpoints enable true flexibility and scalability across this state-of-the-art environment.
Boca Raton or Bust: In early November, ZeeVee headed to the sunshine state to welcome South Florida and regional AV system integrators and installers to a special AVoIP training seminar in Boca Raton. The session focused on how this tech is transforming the traditional AV matrix. The program, co-sponsored by NETGEAR, was hosted by leading high-end broadband electronic equipment distributor Advanced Media Technologies (AMT). Attendees received hands-on training with ZeeVee ZyPer4K components and learned best practices for configuring and deploying fully-functional IP video distribution systems. Participants received 2.5 Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) credits. This follows a series of similar events that ZeeVee has co-hosted with NetGear worldwide as part of our IP and AV over IP education program. Pictured above, our own Art Weeks, director, product management, brings AVoIP to life for the group.
ZeeVee Does the Great White North with DataVisual: This fall, with Tim Horton’s cups in hand, we participated in several DataVisual on Display (DVoD) showcases in Canada—including stops in Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. ZeeVee presented professionals in the audiovisual conferencing, education, digital signage, entertainment, performance audio and IT industries with our latest AVoIP and RF AV distribution solutions.
It’s all about speed….
Following the successful launch of our SIGNAL Partner program earlier in the year, the ZeeVee UK team rewarded some top achieving partners with the opportunity to race a range of performance cars at our Annual PalmerSport track day in Bedford.

Product Showcase: ZvPro & HDBridge Series RF Modulators and Encoders
We may seem to put more focus on our AVoIP business, but for many organizations, RF (radio frequency) is very much alive and well.  
Are you looking to efficiently and affordably distribute dynamic video, including television programming, digital signage and user-generated content, to an unlimited number of displays in sports bars, schools, houses of worship and other venues? ZeeVee’s got your back with a strong product mix. 
Our HDBridge 2000 Series RF modulators and encoders are able to convert composite, component, VGA, unencrypted HDMI and even HD-SDI sources into a signal that is received by a TV’s digital tuner (or, with ZVSync, can enable displays without tuners). It then transmits your customer’s content to an unlimited number of displays. In addition, it can combine multiple units to enable over 100 different sources via a single coax cable. HDBridge 2000 Series components were recently sold into a major U.S. fitness center chain, for a project that includes more than 2,000 endpoints. 
Want to brush up on your RF? You can find more information on the ZeeVee HDBridge 2000 here.
ZeeVee highlights SDVOE solution at InfoComm India 2019
Inavate, October 11, 2019
“Singapore was the logical next step for our Asian expansion. It has a good talent pool, business is relatively easy to conduct and the City State holds a technology leadership position in the region,” said Bob Michaels, CEO, ZeeVee. “But most importantly, with an office in the country we will be able to effectively manage our business in the immediate region that includes Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia where we are seeing growing demand for our products.”

AV-over-IP Upgrade Enhances Learning at Finland’s Aalto University
AVNetwork, November 6, 2019
“What we were looking to achieve with our New Learning Spaces is simply beyond the capabilities of traditional matrix-based systems,” said Lasse West, Lasse West, Aalto University’s AV infrastructure solution specialist. “The SDVoE AVoIP solution we chose, powered by ZeeVee ZyPer4K encoders and decoders, gives us great confidence as we expand this program going forward and confirms our commitment to SDVoE-based solutions to help future-proof our investment.”

Big Data with big screens
AV Magazine, September 3, 2019
“The replacement of matrix switching with an AVoIP network infrastructure is giving command and control centres more flexibility in design, scale and future-readiness, both in terms of (interactive) applications and the ability to be reconfigured to meet new or changing needs,” says Rob Muddiman, EMEA sales director at ZeeVee (a founder member of the SDVoE).

AV News to Know: New Products, Cool Projects and People in New Places
Commercial Integrator, September 20, 2019
The first version of ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K AV decoder with an integrated Dante transmitter is available for immediate shipment after making its debut at InfoComm India this week. Equipped with Dante technology, the ZeeVee ZyPer4K decoder will enable users to route any audio source within a ZyPer4K deployment to a Dante network. Dante audio over IP includes support for features such as “human” readable names for all connected devices, automatic device discovery, one-click routing and low deterministic latency.

Live Wire
ISE You: It may read December on your calendar, but for us, we’re deep into February and planning for ISE 2020 (February 11 -14, 2020)! Coming to Amsterdam? Please build us into your calendar for a meeting, demonstration and the other goodies we are working on. We’ll be in booth (#10-N197); let’s make a date to review our latest range of AVoIP and RF solutions…

ZeeVee Appoints DataVisual Marketing as Exclusive Distributor in Canada: We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our relationship with DataVisual Marketing and appointing them the exclusive distributor of our AVoIP and RF AV distribution products throughout Canada. The firm has been a high performing, value-added distribution partner for us, focusing on delivering state-of-the-art presentation and audio/visual communication solutions to the region. In addition, we appreciate how they go above and beyond in offering in-depth technical and product support for the integrators and end-users they serve.