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APRIL 2021

ZeeVee Customer Service 101: Don’t Sell Boxes, Sell the Company

Once a customer’s requirements and budget for a new or upgraded AV system are defined, there are many considerations facing integrators as they decide which technology and components to incorporate. While the issue of price is ever present, and “cost-effective” options can seem particularly attractive, going with the lowest priced gear as the sole criteria can be perilous.

The savviest integrators realize that when a piece of gear is purchased for a customer’s system, they are not just buying boxes, but the manufacturer that stands behind them. It is therefore crucial that when making your decision, you are guaranteed that someone will be there to support you with airtight customer service.

I can assure you ZeeVee customer service will be there for you. In fact, we make certain that our support efforts begin well before any decision to purchase is made.

At ZeeVee, it starts with educational and counseling resources. For AVoIP content distribution systems, which continue to replace traditional matrix switch options at a rapid pace, this is particularly important. There remains a learning curve for those integrators who are in various stages of this transition and we have built a robust schedule of SIGNAL Sessions webinars and Certified Solution Partner training sessions that provide a great springboard for understanding the possibilities and best practices in deploying the technology.

Beyond that, you can reach out to us as a sounding board as you make your hardware decisions. We welcome your questions concerning system design or even the suitability of a network to support an AV system. We’ve found this approach is key to starting integrator relationships that may start with a single job but grow to turn new customers into long-term partners.

Once the rubber hits the road and our products are purchased and the installation begins, even the most seasoned integrators will occasionally run into situations where they’ll need some technical assistance. When you call us, you get a human being who will listen and address your issue without any further delay — yes, while you’re on the line. Try that with a company that sells you a white label product or an item from a gray market source. When you’re in the middle of a job and the customer is getting antsy (or worse) about a problem, the last thing you want to do is type a customer service request in an online form…and wait…and wait…for a response that may never come.

We’ve been asked on more than one occasion: “How can you afford to have people answer the phone?” Our response: “How can we afford not to?” Bottom line — this is the standard level of our support, whether you’ve purchased one tuner for a single TV or 1,000 end points for a major infrastructure project.

As vaccines become more widely available and the warm weather continues to give us signs that we are starting to pull out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are more locked in than ever to support our valued customers and partners as their businesses get back up to speed. Your thoughts, questions and concerns during this transition back to normal are important to us. Give us a call; we’d love to have a conversation and help in any way we can.

All the best,

Bob Michaels
CEO, ZeeVee

Mark Your Calendars for Our Upcoming Webinars 

  • April 8: Advanced Imaging with ZeeVee Director, Product Management, Art Weeks: This session will provide a technical dive into how ZyPer4K (SDVoE) and ZyPerUHD (JPEG2000) AVoIP encoders and decoders, as well as the ZyPer Management Platform, work together to enable eye-popping multiviews, blended projection images and video walls. Attendees will earn one AVIXA CTS credit.    
  • April 15: ZeeVee Certified Solution Partner Training on AVoIP and RF Modulation: Are you a system integrator or AV installer looking to become an AV over IP and RF expert? Join us for this informative session and receive up to 3.5 AVIXA CTA credits.
  • April 22: SIGNAL Sessions Episode 9  During SIGNAL Sessions Episode 9, Art Weeks and Joe Chordas will review the many enhancements found in Release 2.2, the latest version of the ZyPer Management Platform. In so many ways, this release is based upon feedback from our IT and Pro AV integration partners as well as many key end users. Topics to be covered include, but not limited to, Presets & Scheduling, Advanced Configuration via "The Grid," and how one display can show 19 sources via Multiview! Click here to register

    Key fact: NMR Events deployed ZeeVee ZyPer4K (SDVoE) at the world's largest PlayBook found at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas. In addition to using ZyPer4K to deliver video to its world's largest 260 x 18 video wall, they also created 175 Multiviews using ZyPer Management Platform! Try to do that with an alternative technology!

You can get the additional information and register for these, and other upcoming events, via this link.     


Our SIGNAL Partner website provides access to past SIGNAL Session and Certified Solution Partner Training webinars. To learn more about becoming a ZeeVee SIGNAL Partner, go to this link or contact sales@zeevee.com.   

ZeeVee Joins SDVoE at Interop 21 in Tokyo
ZeeVee will be exhibiting together with SDVoE at Interop Tokyo, April 14-16. A leading global business technology event, it hosts the most comprehensive IT Conference and Expo for business and technology leaders to share the most up to date information on key technologies and trends. It also provides them the opportunity to meet with leading vendors. Additional information can be found via this link.

Jaffe Holden is the world’s leading acoustical consulting firm, providing acoustic design and audio/video solutions for both architects and organizations. The firm specializes in the performing arts, museum, government, healthcare and commercial building markets. It has deployed ZeeVee ZyPer4K encoders and decoders in several recent and ongoing projects including theater and performing arts venues at Texas Tech University and Plano (Texas) Independent School District.  

“We are very appreciative of the communication and support we get from ZeeVee, as well as its assistance in working with other manufacturers on our projects, like Netgear. ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K encoders and decoders, with their low latency and performance, have proven themselves very valuable in feeding conductor camera displays and other mission critical applications.” 
-- Nick Correa, senior consultant, audio/video, Jaffee Holden
LED Systems is a custom electronics design and integration firm specializing in network-based audio-, video- and control-automation systems delivering reliable, secure and maintainable solutions that promote long-term client relationships. For JBWarranties, an HVAC extended service and warranty vendor that built a new office/lifestyle venue housing both the business and open space for entertaining clients, the firm integrated ZeeVee ZyPerUHD encoders and decoders to display video throughout both areas. LED Systems also recently deployed ZeeVee’s RF solution via the HDBridge3000 in restaurant and fitness/gym applications that allows for seamless network-based video distribution with reliable control and flexible scalability. Across the board, ZeeVee encoders and decoders can easily retrieve massive amounts of data, display it on multiple platforms and provide seamless integration into multiple spaces.
“ZeeVee’s service is impeccable. We need some handholding at times, and they don't disappoint. The most important things to us, besides getting referrals and minimizing service calls, are the strong and reliable relationships with partners like ZeeVee. We specify their products as often as we can.”
-- Lewis Franke, president, LED Systems LLC
ZyPer Management Platform 2.2

Like many integrators and end-users in the field that have chosen ZyPer4K and ZyPerUHD encoders and decoders for their projects, you’ve probably come to depend on our ZyPer Management Platform. We know that the multi-codec control system is regularly cited by ZeeVee customers as a key differentiator in their choosing ZeeVee AVoIP products.

As you may know, ZeeVee, which unveiled its ZyPer4K line in 2015, was among the first to market with encoders and decoders using the Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) platform. As a result of our first mover status in this arena, we have been able to invest more than 20,000 programming hours in software development for the ZyPer Management Platform.

So, what are some of the highlights of ZyPer Management Platform 2.2 to be released later this month? Take a look!
  • The enhanced multiview capabilities enable users to more creatively present immersive visual experiences by supporting a total of 19 sources—10 more than in the platform’s previous iteration. In addition, switching between display configurations is easier than ever before. This allows for the creation of video walls of configurations of up to 81 monitors (9 x 9) without any additional equipment. The custom multiview editor is now also compatible with a wider array of video sizes.
  • Advanced presets can be created for any API command so configurations can be stored and then activated on-the-fly at the touch of a button. These presets can also be scheduled to display one time, or in a series, at any point up to a year in advance via an intuitive calendar interface. An unlimited number of schedules can be preset.

  • Enhanced independent source and display grids provide more columns and flexibility, intuitive tabs and filtering, column selection and drag and drop functionality. The grids can be exported to .csv files and stored separately or altered and imported back into the system.

The new and enhanced features and functionalities of the ZyPer Management Platform 2.2 are the result of feedback we’ve received from the field, and the fact that we regularly update the platform to reflect the ever-changing needs of the market.

As noted in the ZeeVee University column, ZeeVee is hosting SIGNAL Sessions Episode 9 on Thursday, April 22 which will provide attendees with a detailed demonstration of the latest platform upgrade. You can learn more and register for this event via this https://zeevee.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_dadcO5TDSWq1Ixrlxzjc2w. In the meantime, you can get additional information on ZeeVee’s ZyPer Management Platform 2.2 at www.zeevee.com.
SDVoE Live! Tackles Network Security
While security is the foundation of privacy, you need to consider issues beyond the network, such as behavior. Josh Srago, AV technology thought leader and founder of Sound Reason (pictured here), will join hosts Justin Kennington and Matt Dodd to dive into the comingled topics of security and privacy, and explore how AV pros can be ready to best serve their clients.

The show starts Tuesday, April 6 at 1 PM ET. Stick around for the after show to get all your questions answered on the spot. You can participate with questions and comments on Twitter using #sdvoelive.

If you missed previous episodes, "Leveraging Fiber Optics for Video Distribution," "A New Architecture for Network Convergence," "What is a Network, Anyway?” "HDR Explained," “The 8K Revolution in Pro AV,” "Why Samsung Chose SDVoE Over a Matrix," "The Lost Art of AV – How Bright Are You?" "HOW Special Is That," or “It’s 1:00. Do You Know Where Your Network Is?" Watch them in SDVoE Academy with access to additional resources, or visit the SDVoE Alliance YouTube channel.
rAVe Publications
If You Haven’t Watched SDVoE LIVE! Yet, You’re Missing Out
March 4, 2021
This episode, called “Why Samsung Chose SDVoE Over a Matrix” seemed self-explanatory. But it dug deeper, inviting Charlie Sullivan, ZeeVee’s head of business development, UK & Ireland, to help tell the story of the Samsung KX deployment, built and implemented by ZeeVee. This was a project with a lot on the line due to Samsung’s stellar reputation for high image quality.
Not actually a Samsung store, Samsung KX (the “KX” stands for King’s Cross) is one of the largest and most exciting redevelopments in London, now with its own postcode (N1C). It is a 20,000-square-foot “tech playground” filled with Samsung innovations, SDVoE’s Janet Matey reported. The Samsung Experience Centre is an event space, conference center, cinema, lecture hall, art and design venue, yoga hub and e-gaming facility. Importantly for our readers and #AVtweeps, it includes the world’s first 10-meter-wide, vertically curved LED screen. The displays are powered by a network of more than 100 ZeeVee Zyper4K fiber endpoints.
Smart Monkeys Partners with ZeeVee to offer distribution solution for themed installations
January 2021

As a result of this partnership, ZeeVee’s ZyPer Management Platform natively supports Smart Monkey’s ISAAC API. This means that users are now able to customize, control, schedule, log and manage complex media presentations through one integrated programming and front-end management workspace. ZyPer4K SDVoE AVoIP encoders and decoders can be controlled from the ISAAC workspace ‘out of the box’ with no extra programming needed. Plus, users will also be able to access the full array of ZyPer Management Platform system operation and monitoring data.
Employee of the Month – Art Weeks

Art Weeks, director of product management and April’s employee of the month, is a name you may recognize if you’ve ever attended one of ZeeVee’s SIGNAL Sessions or Certified Solution Partner training webinars. In addition to being an amazing webinar host, he’s also responsible for specifying new hardware and software products, writing and publishing all of ZeeVee’s documentation (FAQs, data sheets, white papers, etc.) in the SIGNAL Partner Portal and providing technical expertise for the AV over IP product lines to partners and customers.  


“A company is only as strong as its weakest employees, and ZeeVee has none,” said Art. “People would not believe what we’re able to accomplish given the size of our company. It’s all because of the employees, who are some of the smartest and most innovative individuals I know. Thanks to them, we have made, and are continuing to make, a big impact in the AV industry.” 


For many years, Art worked in an industry where there were “maybe 10 customers in the entire world.” Ever since joining ZeeVee and entering the pro AV industry, he’s become fascinated by the potentially endless number of customers spread across many vertical markets – including hospitality, entertainment venues, higher education, retail and government just to name a few. 


“One of my favorite things to do at ZeeVee is create product designs from competing technology. Nine times out of 10, our team is developing solutions that perform better, are easier to use and less costly. Unlike many other products on the market, ours can do just about anything,” said Art.  


As much as Art loves his ventures in AV technology, it has steady competition from his other true passion – cycling. For the past 10 years, he’s cycled in partnership with the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC), the largest for-charity sports fundraiser in the world. This year, Art’s goal is to raise $9,000 for cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston (you can donate via his online rider profile). His 2021 PMC ride will be a one-day century ride starting and ending at Babson College in Wellesley, Mass.  


Art lives with his wife, Rachel, and 12-year-old son, Jason, in Billerica, Mass. He loves cheering on Jason at various sporting events and has proudly watched him grow up to become an accomplished baseball player and black belt in Kung Fu.