These are trying times as COVID-19 (coronavirus) has become a major concern impacting many aspects of our daily lives. But, like all of you, we are finding ways to push through and do our work with limited disruptions, while keeping our employees as safe as possible.
Most of our employees have the option to work from home over the coming weeks to limit their exposure to the virus. While we have postponed all non-essential business travel and participation in events, we have been using a mix of technologies and communication platforms to maintain our ability to have face time with you and stay in touch. In fact, we are using our ZyPerMX streaming appliances to run remote demos to show the features of our ZyPer Management Platform.
One of our many company advantages is that nearly all of our manufacturing is in the USA and we are minimally affected by the instability of the international supply chain. For this reason, we do not foresee any product availability, delivery or support issues. Added to this, we are happy to report our current product inventories are strong, enabling us to supply most channel needs.  
While the current situation may seem to have turned everything upside down, and certainly warrants a safety-first attitude, I respectfully submit it is providing legitimate opportunities for planned infrastructure projects. Several of our customers have opted to go forward during this time of absent and remote workforces with less interruption and inconvenience to employees. This interval is also a good time to discuss future projects with customers while business has quieted down. In either event, ZeeVee is poised and ready to help. 
We will keep you informed of any developments affecting ZeeVee’s operations. In the meantime, I wish you all the best in keeping yourself, your families and your employees safe.


Bob Michaels
CEO, ZeeVee

New Webinar Series: In April, we will begin offering a new series of webinars that will offer ZeeVee product training, as well as general best practices for specifying, installing and maintaining AVoIP, RF and video streaming distribution systems.

Keep an eye out as we will be in touch with additional detail soon.
3AV, headquartered in Newton, Kansas (25 miles north of Wichita) is a leading national resource for audio/video system design, lighting, LED signage, automation/control and installation, security, video surveillance and access control solutions. Specializing in restaurant and bar environments, the firm handles everything from the most complex corporate demands to the most creative residential dreamhouse. Currently, 3AV uses ZeeVee’s RF video distribution solutions for major projects at multiple national restaurant chains.

WBL Services, based in Seattle, boasts a client roster that includes professional sports leagues, major college bowl games and large stadiums and arenas. The firm has participated in NFL and MLS league-wide stadium upgrade projects and works on large temporary events—installing security cameras, as well as people counting and electronic perimeter security solutions. WBL Services featured ZeeVee’s ZyPerMX4 in live production projects for a major sports league.

Whitlock, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, is a technology integrator with expertise in AV, collaboration and modern workplace solutions. With a dedicated staff of strategists, technicians, engineers, workplace experts and support teams, the company specializes in experience environments for innovation centers and corporate campuses. Whitlock recently used ZeeVee’s ZyPerMX in projects for Saudi Aramco and Shell Global.
Latest ZyPer4K Updates and Developments: Our award-winning ZyPer4K AVoIP signal distribution solution has added some key features and functionalities we wanted share with you. There’s documentation for each that we are happy to share upon request.

Compatibility with Stream Deck: Our ZyPer4K solution is now compatible with Elgato Stream Deck, a widely used live content creation controller. As a result, Stream Deck can be customized to perform any ZyPer Management Platform API command or series of commands, such as switching and control of endpoints, at the simple touch of a button.

Seamless Projector Edge Blending: ZyPer4K supports edge blending for applications that require multiple projectors to display portions of a single image. This is accomplished in conjunction with the ZyPer Management Platform for projectors being fed overlapping range video.

Regarding End-to-End Latency: Uncompressed 4K video with near zero latency? Yup; ZyPer4K does that. But did you know it can operate in different modes—such as Genlock and Fast-Switch—that can improve production capabilities and improve viewer experience but have a significant impact on end-to-end latency.

Unique Support for Custom LED Displays: ZyPer4K decoders are the only SDVoE models with DisplayPort outputs. In addition, ZyPer4K encoders have DisplayPort inputs and the ability to be manually assigned any custom extended display identification data (EDID). Users also have the ability to manually assign custom resolution and timing parameters at the ZyPer4K decoder—overriding EDID settings if desired.
Meanwhile ZeeVee launched its own ZyPer Management platform. Bob Michaels, CEO of ZeeVee, said: “With AV over IP, the screens can be in one location and the computers in another and the head-end in a completely different location. You need a centralized platform where you can manage all these different parts of the system and that is what the ZyPer management platform is.” LINK TO FULL ARTICLE

“ZeeVee offers an open management platform which, depending on the requirements of the applications, makes various AV codecs available in parallel in a network. We currently support H264, JPEG2000 and of course the open standard SDVoE for full interoperability and Dante for audio,” said Jan Arne Rosenstein Sales Representative DACH at ZeeVee. “This is necessary for companies today and in the future from a technological point of view, since not one codec alone is suitable for all requirements and ultimately economic considerations also play a role. In addition, an open platform offers the best investment protection.”  LINK TO FULL ARTICLE

Among other things, FVS distributes ZeeVee products, one of the founders of the SDVoE consortium, and was committed to demonstrating the relevance and ease of operation of an AVoIP network. They installed a set of ten ZeeVee encoders in the technical room that feed the screens of the video wall installed at the bar, as well as two other broadcasting points. They regularly organize demonstrations and training sessions to demonstrate the flexibility of SDVoE-based AVoIP solutions, and the ease of operation via the web interfaces of various distribution systems. LINK TO FULL ARTICLE
Ricky Tan, Regional Sales Manager, Southeast Asia
Ricky Tan joined ZeeVee as regional sales manager, Southeast Asia, in January 2019. He leads our Singapore-based office and has been instrumental in accelerating our drive to better serve the rapidly growing commercial and residential AV market in the region. This effort is crucial to ZeeVee, as AVIXA reports the Asian market is expected to capture 36 percent of the global pro AV market by 2023.  

Under Ricky’s leadership, the new office focuses on several regional markets including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. It offers pre- and post-sales technical support while also working to educate the market about the company’s advanced IP-based video distribution solutions for a wide array of applications.   

Ricky built up strong pro AV credentials before joining ZeeVee, having previously held several Southeast Asia sales management posts at Revolabs, Vidyo, LifeSize Communications and ClearOne Communication. As a result, he brings deep hands-on experience in the market and familiarity with the consultants, integrators, dealers and end-users in the region.

“The ZeeVee team is very personable and helpful, and always ready to provide assistance even though I am in a far-distant time zone,” he said. “Bob and the ZeeVee management team have provided great guidance and we’re already seeing a big increase in our market presence over the last year.”

Ricky is most proud of his ability to help integrators find the best AV distribution solutions and successfully troubleshoot issues that his customers face during demos and installations. While he notes he had limited experience in some areas, he has embraced what he calls “learning from the deep end” and has found the experience very rewarding and satisfying.

In his free time, Ricky enjoys golfing, and is pictured above (second from right) with his formidable foursome. He also likes going to the movies and being a world-class foodie. He and his wife reside in Singapore.