ZeeVee in Healthcare

Improve outcomes and enhance the patient and visitor experience.

Benefit from zero latency image and records transfer, patient education, in-room and waiting area entertainment, digital signage, and wayfinding. ZeeVee solutions work over your existing infrastructure, offering industry leading video distribution solutions for coax, CATx and fiber networks using the latest IP and RF encoded technology.

How Healthcare Facilities Use ZeeVee

Enhance Learning & Collaboration

  • Instantly share radiology images between physicians across the entire campus
  • Share zero latency, high resolution video images anywhere on campus
  • Telemedicine
  • Video conferencing

Patient and Staff Education

  • Board rooms, training rooms, conference rooms, offices & mobile technology carts are seamlessly connected
  • Deliver key note addresses, CEO messages, & remote presenters any where on campus
  • Provide video education for patients about procedures, rehabilitation and diagnosis information

Patient, Visitor and Staff Entertainment

  • Distribute cable & satellite programming to waiting areas & patient rooms
  • Content can be based on patient type, perfect for controlling pediatric areas
  • Deliver entertainment to break areas & offices

Digital Signage and Wayfinding

  • Use video to educate patients & visitors
  • Provide way-find to speed patients & visitors to their destinations
  • Digital signage can be used to promote healthy outcomes & facility services

Why Higher Ed and K-12 Choose ZeeVee

Globally the number one focus of healthcare facilities is improving patient outcomes. ZeeVee’s wide range of AV distribution solutions enhance patient engagement, increase workflow efficiencies, facilitate collaboration between doctors, specialists and staff, helping clinicians focus on patients and outcomes.

  • Engineered for easy implementation and intuitive use
  • Feature rich products
  • Solutions to meet any budget on any network
  • ZeeVee’s open API makes integration with popular control systems quick
  • Standards based solutions, no expensive proprietary switching fabric
  • Flexible and Scalable – unlimited number of screens
  • Wide variety of solutions to meet every signal distribution need
  • Backed by an industry leading warranty
  • World-class pre and post sales support
  • Compatible with Emergency Alert Systems with local message capability

WEBINAR: AV over IP: Understanding the Basics

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