Easily deliver H.264 HD video distribution with the new ZyPerHD

ZeeVee Expands ZyPer Product Suite to easily deliver H.264 HD video distribution with the new ZyPerHD

ZeeVee, Inc. a global manufacturer of video and signal distribution technology, announced today the expansion of its award winning ZyPer Product Suite with the launch of ZyPerHD.

The ZyPerHD allows for the easy distribution and switching of high definition H.264 video, audio, and other data signals using ZyPerHD encoder and decoder modules and off-the-shelf Gigabit Ethernet switches.

Using industry standard H.264 (MPEG4) encoding technology, the ZyPerHD compliments ZeeVee’s other video IP distribution solutions and provides an affordable, easy to set up and easy to maintain IP video encoding solution enabling customers to deliver video content over their Ethernet networks.

“Like our other ZyPer products, the ZyPerHD eliminates the need to have a separate AV network or additional equipment for video and other AV content,” stated Chris Scurto, Vice President Sales and Marketing for ZeeVee. “We believe in simplifying video distribution and leveraging industry standard technology. Our ZyPerMX, ZyPer4K and now the ZyPerHD all leverage off-the-shelf Ethernet switches making it a far more versatile and cost effective installation choice,” Scurto continued.

All ZyPer products are easily set up, controlled and monitored using the ZyPer Management Platform, running ZeeVee’s MaestroZ software. For further flexibility, set up and control can also be done through 3rd party control systems using ZeeVee’s Open API for custom integration.

ZyPerHD offers:

  • Stunning pixel for pixel reproduction of compressed 720p and 1080p HD resolution content
  • Ability to change sources and content instantly without programming
  • Very low latency design making it perfect for demanding environments like executive boardrooms
  • Fully support HDMI 1.4 with HDCP encryption
  • 4×4 video wall support
  • Point-to-point configuration to transmit 1080p video up to 100 meters away
  • Power over Ethernet support (PoE)
  • Source and display control (RS232)

ZeeVee continues to deliver innovative, cost effective, and easy to install video and signal distribution platforms. Staying true to their product development best practices and overall mission, ZeeVee products are engineered specifically to reduce the cost and lengthy process of designing, installing and expanding an HD to 4K AV over RF or IP distribution systems.