ZeeVee is Now A Technology Partner for the Global Presence Alliance

ZeeVee, Inc., a global manufacturer of video and signal distribution technology, announced today it has been approved as a Technology Partner to the Global Presence Alliance (GPA).

The GPA is a partner network of audio, video, and unified communications companies that help to remove the barriers of working with global teams and to enable more productive meetings, improved communications and better results for its customers.

“Over recent years ZeeVee’s simplified AV over IP solutions have been successfully installed by several GPA integration partners across 5 continents”, states Rob Muddiman, ZeeVee, Director of Sales, EMEA. “this got noticed by the GPA board members who recognized that ZeeVee offered solutions that truly merged AV and IP and as a result we were invited to engage more formally with it’s members world wide.  After going through an official approval process, we were delighted that ZeeVee was selected as a Technology Partner,” stated Muddiman.

GPA members not only have the benefit of being able to consult with each other but they also get to share best practice and advice regarding AV over IP installs using ZeeVee solutions. Being an accredited Technology Partner gives ZeeVee greater access and a position of trust amongst GPA members.

“ZeeVee shares the same passion as the GPA to educate, collaborate, and deliver consistent standardized services across the globe,” said Bob Michaels, ZeeVee CEO.  “As a GPA Technology partner, ZeeVee can continue its commitment to drive industry education and adoption of standardized technologies,” continued Michaels.