When It Comes to AV over IP, Why You Need to Choose Products with Signal Intelligence

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter,” Mark Twain once said. “So, I wrote a long one instead.”

Twain knew that to refine the words and craft a more elegant letter, it was going to take more time and more work. It’s not so different in the AV distribution space. Many companies build products that are complex, but few create products that are simple to use and intelligent in design.

At ZeeVee, that’s what we call “Signal Intelligence.”

Signal Intelligence

As a company, our culture, philosophy, and design have always been simplicity. The product itself is smart.

When it comes to AV over IP or bulk video distribution over coax, things get complex rapidly. A poorly designed system can be unmanageable or worse yet, become quickly obsolete. When designing products, ZeeVee engineers focus on a lasting design so that people can use it in almost any AV distribution application — now or in the future.

As just one example, unlike other products on the market, our AV over IP products are designed to save time and eliminate multiple points of failure by having the intelligence to self-discover on the network. Compared to having to program every single endpoint and every single switch point into the process this makes both installation and expansion easier.

However, it’s more than just products. At the core of ZeeVee is a commitment to delivering an intelligent solution for every application. While some companies may suggest products to get you to spend money with them, ZeeVee’s engineers encourage a deep collaboration with our system integrators and customers. By concentrating on design parameters before specifying a product, engineers can be sure the design will fit customer needs.

Making Critical Decisions

The convergence of IP and AV has opened up new ways of thinking. IP-based AV, using packet-based switching, is scalable and removes distance and direct connections as barriers. It also allows you to add new sources (and destinations) without having to replace expensive routers or video matrix switchers. Using devices with signal intelligence makes the expansion easy. As companies switch from a traditional AV set to IP for moving video, however, there are critical decisions to make.

It’s not just the products you choose that are important. The people behind the products are, too. You want a partner that will take the time to understand your exact needs.

We’re transparent. We’ll analyze your needs and ask ourselves if we can truly meet your requirements. If we can’t, we’re going to tell you. It’s all part of an intelligent decision-making process.

Zyper4K Encoder

Intelligence in Every Product

The corporate culture at ZeeVee is to build that intelligence into every product it sells. If you’re just trying to move video from point A to point B, there are a plethora of products out there for you. They may work fine for today’s needs. They may even be cheaper. But, will they work for your future needs?

Ask yourself this: Are we planning for the resolutions that are here today or am I going to plan for the resolutions that are just on the horizon and in demand?

Standards are changing. The right solutions will take into account the entire ecosystem across its lifespan. Will it handle today’s 1080 resolution and Ultra-HD/uncompressed 4K resolution as well as what’s coming next? For more than a decade ZeeVee has manufactured video and signal distribution technology for ProAV and IT markets. The company’s award-winning products deliver multimedia content over coax, fiber, and CATx, and have transformed the digital video industry with HD to Ultra-HD/4K solutions delivering innovative, cost-effective and easy to install distribution platforms.

While you may be able to save a few dollars on a less robust integration right now, emerging technology in the AV over IP space may cost you more in the long run when you have to replace products that can’t evolve.

Bob Michaels

As CEO of ZeeVee, Bob Michaels provides the strategic vision to drive profitable growth for the company. Bob brings over 20 years of senior level leadership experience in both private and public technology driven companies, including considerable experience in the video sector.

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