ZeeVee Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary with New Branding

“Over the last few years, as the AV integration industry seems hyper-focused on AV-over-IP, ZeeVee has emerged prominently in that format…” Commercial Integrator Magazine, November 2017.

ZeeVee rebranding includes new website and slogan to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and reflect its evolving video distribution focus.

CI StaffMaybe it’s just us who had already been writing about the residential side of a young manufacturer called ZeeVee for CE Pro when EH Media launched Commercial Integrator in late 2010. Something about the AV distribution solutions provider celebrating its 10-year anniversary makes us feel old.

ZeeVee, which we still think of as a young manufacturer, is a decade old. It has come a long way in 10 years.

The company that started out as a coax video distribution provider has evolved to, as we once put it, flip the script on all things video distribution.

Over the last few years, as the AV integration industry seems hyper-focused on AV-over-IP, ZeeVee has emerged prominently in that format as well, embracing SDVoE.

As the company reaches its 10-year milestone, it has announced an upgrade to its corporate identity including a new website and logo. A new tagline, “Signal Intelligence,” seems to reflect ZeeVee’s almost agnostic approach to video distribution solutions.

A press release says the ZeeVee rebranding changes reflect its strategic vision, adding that it has over 2,000,000 displays running on ZeeVee solutions with customers across nearly every vertical market on five continents.

Here’s CEO Bob Michaels on ZeeVee rebranding:

“2017 marks an important milestone for our company. ZeeVee has long been a trusted brand and a symbol of quality and ease of use. Today, those attributes continue to be the driving force in our innovation and engineering best practices.

Throughout this past decade, we have been working to lead the industry and develop new distribution platforms that leverage standards-based technology.

From being the first to introduce an RF encoder/modulator approved for use by DIRECTV, Dish and other cable and satellite providers, to launching the first uncompressed 4K AV over IP distribution solution, we are committed to providing customers innovative and easy to use solutions.

The AV landscape is changing rapidly and ZeeVee is at the center of this transformation. The time was right to create a new visual identity that builds on our leadership position and expertise in designing and developing highly effective and efficient AV distribution technologies.

The new logo embodies the essence of what ZeeVee is all about, using a contemporary, pure and clean typography. The new tagline ‘Signal Intelligence’ speaks to our unique ability and capacity to develop and bring to market innovative solutions.”

More on new website from a press release:

The new website incorporates the ZeeVee rebranding identity and delivers a seamless user experience and rich, solution-focused content that addresses how integrators and end users benefit from the company’s video solutions to transform their organization.

The website will expand to include a portal specifically designed for integrators and consultants to access ZeeVee materials needed tosuccessfully propose, design, and install one of our solutions.

“The new branding is more in line with who we are today and our path forward. This identity will serve as a signal that we remain a trusted partner in the industry – one that is approachable, forward thinking, and resourceful,” Michaels says.