Introducing the NEW ZvPro I-Series

The ZvPro Series of encoder/modulators is used in smaller video and signage systems, and it continues to be a best seller. Now we’ve added the I-Series to the ZvPro lineup, with all the features of a ZvPro PLUS simultaneous video-over-IP streaming.

  ZvPro 820 ZvPro 810 ZvPro 620 ZvPro 610 Zvb701
(DVB-T/DVB-C Only)
Total Channels 2 HD 1 HD 2 HD 1 HD 1 HD
Video Input HDMI HDMI Component, VGA Component, VGA HDMI
Audio Input Analogue, Digital On All ZvPro Models Analogue, Digital
Cables HDMI* HDMI* Hydra Component
Hydra VGA*
Hydra Component
Hydra VGA*
Video Resolution Up to 1080 p/i On All ZvPro Models Up to 1080 p/i
Delay-Matched Audio Single Channel on All ZvPro Models N/A
Closed Caption Integrated on All ZvPro Models Integrated
 Video-Over-IP Streaming ZvPro 820i ZvPro 810i ZvPro 620i ZvPro 610i N/A
Fan Cooling Integrated, Front to Back Cooling on All ZvPro Models Integrated
Rack Mounts Integrated Wall Mount, Rack Mount Kit* On All ZvPro Models Integrated Wall Mount
Warranty 5 Years On All ZvPro Models 1 Year
Accessories Included Wall Mount Kit Wall Mount Kit
* Accessories Sold Separately HDMI Cables
Rack Mount Kit
Hydra Component Cable (3’ or 6’ lengths)
Hydra VGA Cable (6’ length)
Rack Mount Kit
HDMI Cables
Rack Mount Kit

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HDbridge and ZvPro Product Overview(Printable PDF)