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ZeeVee Tech Tips are 3-minute video tutorials to help our customers get the most out of our solutions. Check back often, we will continuously add to this series.

MaestroZ is the configuration and control interface that makes managing all ZyPer AV over IP deployments intuitive and fast. MaestroZ is compatible with ZyPer4K, ZyPerHD and ZyPerUHD. 

Click on any of the topics below to watch a 3-minute video tutorial.  

How to log into the MaestroZ system from your web browser

How to Telnet to API
How to Telnet into the API for manual operation

How to navigate source/display pages and create custom page configurations

Custom Joins
How to create and configure custom join operations (USB, IR, RS232)

Custom Names
How to create custom names for sources and displays

Video Wall
How to create a video wall

Creating Zones
How to create display zones

Changing Icons
Learn how to change source and display icons in MaestroZ

Server Firmware Update
How to update MaestroZ (Management Platform) firmware

Filtering Sources and Displays
How to filter sources and displays

Creating a Trouble Report
How to generate a trouble report

CEC Control
How to use CEC to turn On/Off Your Display

Creating a Multiview (ZyPer4K only)
How to create a Multiview with ZyPer4K

Device Firmware Update (ZyPer4K only)
How to update ZyPer4K firmware

Factory Reset (ZyPer4K only)
How to Factory Reset a ZyPer4K

Setting the IP Address
(ZyPerMX4 only) 

How to set the IP Address on the ZyPerMX/MX4

Stream to VLC (ZyPerMX only) 
How to stream to VLC from ZyPerMX

AV Encode (ZyPerMX only) 
AV Encode tab explained

Device Tab (ZyPerMX4 only) 
The Maestro Device Tab Explained

IP Address (ZyPerMX only)
Changing IP Address

IP Channel Plan (ZyPerMX only)
IP Channel Plan tab explained

Status and Firmware (ZyPerMX only)
Status tab and Firmware update

Netgear IGMP config demo

Netgear config demo

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