ZyperHD Firmware

Click here to download ZyPerHD firmware package. 

Release Notes:

  • Encoder version 2.12.3
  • Decoder version 2.12.4
  • Fix for "RGB limited" resolutions using the 16 to 235 color range

Release Notes:

  • This version is required when using the ZyPer Management Platform v1.5.2 or later
  • Removes the need for external IGMP querier
  • Devices will now report actual HDMI link status to the Management Platform
  • Fixes issue where devices may consume all available storage space

Installing the new firmware:

1. Download the latest firmware ZIP file from the ZeeVee website. Make note of the location of where the ZIP file was downloaded.

2. Extract the two .BIN files from the ZIP file.

3. Open Windows Explorer and enter the IP address of the Management Platform using FTP.

4. The files folder will be displayed.

5. Drag and drop the .BIN files into the /files folder.

6. Use the Telnet protocol to access the Management Platform API.

7. Use the “update device” command to update the encoders and decoders. When updating ZyPerHD encoders, specify the file that matches “IPE2000_xxx.bin” with “xxx” replaced with the file version number. When updating ZyPerHD decoders, specify the file that matches “IPD2000_xxx.bin” with “xxx” representing the file version.

8. The ZyPerHD devices will automatically reboot at the end of the update process.


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