Installation Free Web Player

ZyPerMX Player

with optional Electronic Program Guide

Delivering Live AV Content to the Desktop

Whether distributing live television or broadcasting in-house content the ZyPerMX Player delivers an engaging television-like experience right from the desktop. From real-time program information to full-screen video player controls, users can easily navigate through channels and watch the content being transmitted from ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4 encoders — and the best part is that there is no software to install.

Electronic Program Guide — the Way You Want It

From creating internal broadcast channels to delivering a full line-up of television programming the ZyPerMX Player allows you to customize the program guide to meet your needs. Get ZyPerMX Player with or without the optional electronic program guide, ensuring that you only pay for the features you need.

Fully interactive web-based player

Easily navigate through channels, current program information, as well as television programming in the future. Click on a show to find out more information. The program guides can be configured for local, national, and international program information as well in-house channels. The ZyPerMX Player provides a television-like experience right from your web-browser.

Works with ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4

The ZyPerMX Player is part of the ZyPerMX family provides a desktop player for streams being delivered from ZeeVee's video streaming appliances, the ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4, creating a seamless and easy to deploy streaming solution.

ZyPerMX Player Model Numbers

Product NamePart NumberProduct Description
ZeeVee ZyPerMX Player with Electronic Program Guide IP-75ZMXPLAEPG-IP-75ZyPerMX Player with Electronic Program Guide IP-75 is a cloud-based player that allows for HLS streams to be viewed via a web browser and is coupled with television program guide information with support for up to 75 channels. Works with ZeeVee AV over IP products including ZyPerMX-2, ZyPerMX-4, or HDbridge3000 with 3KHVM4i Media Module Blade.
ZyPerMX Player with Electronic Program Guide IP-1 (Additional Channel)ZMXPLAEPG-IP-1ZyPerMX Player with Electronic Program Guide IP-1 (Additional Channel) is an annual service that provides television program guide information for each channel above the 75 channels provided by the required ZMXPLAEPG-IP-75.

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