Flexible RF Distribution

HDbridge 2300 Series

12 Channel SD Encoder

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HDB2312 12 Channel SD Encoder

Distribute 12 Channels of Standard Definition Content

Perfect for distributing television programming or user-generated content to small displays that can't take full advantage of HD. The HDbridge 2300 series converts standard definition AV sources into an RF signal received a television's QAM (NA model) or DVB-T/C (EU model) digital tuner over coax cable. With its high 45 dBmv RF output, you can send your content to an unlimited number of displays over nearly any distance. You can change sources on any screen by merely changing the channel on the TV.

The HDBridge 2300 series is ideal for organizations looking for an affordable way to support a large number of displays with dynamic content such as sports bars, gyms, or schools. Multiple units can be combined to create a headend that will support over 100 channels on the RF network.  This unit is designed primarily for high channel density environments where rapid deployment, advanced management, and compatibility are critical.


Crystal clear video and audio

The HDbridge2300 series can distribute composite SD video and analog audio using your display's built-in QAM or DVB-T/C digital tuner. With models that can support up to 12 different source channels, you can combine the units to deliver over 100 channels to your displays. The North Ameican model also supports EIA/CEA-608 closed captions via the composite video input, ideal for both assisted living environments and sports bars showing multiple games at the same time.

Unlimited Displays

Using the HDbridge, there is no limit to the number of displays that you can use. The HDbridge converts your composite video sources into private television channels that can send content from 2 to 2000+ displays connected through coax over nearly any distance. You can combine HDbridge units to support over 100 different channels.

Emergency Alert System

Add an extra layer of safety to your facility by using the built-in Emergency Alert System compatibility. The ZeeVee Emergency Alert System (EAS) can tie systems into compatible national or local alert systems. ZeeVee processes alerts sent with either EAS-NET or MPEG streaming. When an alert is active, all current audio and video will be interrupted and replaced with the alert.

Setting up your channels is a snap with Maestro

The ZeeVee Maestro software makes it simple to setup and manage your content and channels from anywhere on your network. Simply open your web browser and connect to the IP address on any ZvPro or HDBridge encoder and you can assign channel numbers, label your custom channels, and troubleshoot problems right from your desk or anywhere you have network access.

Add a Digital Tuner to your display with ZvSync

Have a projector or other display that doesn't have a QAM or digital tuner? No problem. The ZvSync (sold separately) enables you to connect any display or projector to the HDbridge encoder coax connection and receive crystal clear video up to1080p resolution just as if your display was built with a digital coax tuner. Perfect for sports bars and house of worship applications that use projectors and televisions in the same space.

Directly control Set-Top boxes from your desk

The ZeeVee ZvSTB Control software enables you to manage your H25 DirecTV Reciever or other supported set-top box from directly from any computer through the Maestro software interface. Using an HDbridge or ZvPro, you can turn the receiver on or off, change channels, as well as edit the channel names appearing on the screen from any computer that you have network access.

Combine Multiple Units for More Channels

Combine multiple HDbridge units to create a video network head end up to 144 sources /channels over a single coax cable.

HDBridge 2300 Series Part Numbers

North America


´╗┐Product NamePart NumberProduct Description
HDb2312-EUHDb2312-EUHDb2312-EU is a SD video encoder/DVB-T/C modulator with 12 composite video/analog 3.5mm audio inputs. MPEG2 DVB-T/C RF output via 12 digital channels using 6DVB-T/C RF frequencies. 1 delay match analog audio output. Rack ears included. Cables not included. No ZvShow.

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