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ZyPer4K Rack Mount Kit For HDMI 2.0 Encoders Or Decoders

ZyPer4K Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit for 8x HDMI 2.0 Fiber Encoders or Decoders

  • Standard ZyPer4K units require 5U rack space.
  • Holds up to eight ZyPer4K encoders or decoders within a 5U
  • Fits standard 19” rack assemblies
  • Allows units to be mounted forward or backward
  • L-bracket on each carrier unit provides secure mounting
  • RoHS-compliant; built using environmentally-safe materials and construction

Model # Z4KRACKC1
or Model # Z4KRACKC2 (extended version for long box encoders only)


ZeeVee Hydra 3-Foot AV Cable With DIN Connector For Satellite Receiver

The ZeeVee DTV Hydra 3 foot DT cable enables you to easily connect a DirecTV H25 satellite receiver to a ZvPro or HDbridge encoder/modulator. The cable features a mini-DIN connector for the receiver and a DIN output that connects to the ZeeVee unit. For use with ZvPro600, HDb25/2600 and HDb3000 component models.

  • Supports the mini-DIN connector on popular satellite receiver sources
  • Single DIN connection to the ZvPro or HDBridge modulator

Model # ZV739-3 - 3 ft. cable
Model # ZV739-6 - 6 ft. cable
Model # ZV739-6-X20 - 6 ft. cable (20-pack)


Hydra AV Cable w/ Component Video Connectors

For ZvPro 600, HDbridge 25/2600 Encoders, and HDb3000 Component Media Modules
The ZeeVee Hydra 6 foot cable enables you to connect any HD component source to a ZvPro or HDbridge encoder/modulator. The cable also includes connections for digital and analog audio and composite for closed-caption only, as well as features a single DIN output that connects to the ZeeVee unit.

  • Supports HD Component sources
  • Single DIN connection to the ZvPro or HDBridge modulator
  • Composite connection for closed caption
  • Includes digital and analog audio connectors

Model # ZV709-3 - 3-ft long cable
Model # ZV709-6 - 6-ft long cable
Model # ZV709-3-X20 - 3ft long cable (20-pack)
Model # ZV709-6-X20 - 6ft long cable (20-pack)


ZeeVee Hydra 6 Foot AV Cable - VGA W/ 3.5" Analog Audio Connector

ZeeVee Hydra 6 foot AV cable - VGA w/ 3.5" analog audio connector for use with ZvPro600, HDb25/2600, and HDb3000 component models

  • Supports HD or SD VGA sources
  • Single DIN connection to the ZvPro or HDBridge modulator
  • 2 Meter (6 Feet) cable length for easy connectivity
  • Includes 3.5mm analog audio connector


Model # ZV710-6
Model # ZV710-6-X20 (20 pack)


ZvPro Rack Kit

The ZeeVee ZvPro Rack Kit enables easy mounting to a standard rack. Taking up 1RU, the kit includes 2 rack mounting ears that attach to each side of the ZvPro unit and 8 mounting screws.

Model # ZVPRK


Composite 6-Foot 3.5MM To 3 R/L/V RCA Cable

  • Composite 6-foot 3.5MM to 3 R/L/V RCA Cable
  • This cable is required for the HDbridge3000 Composite Media Module (3KSVE6R) to be eligible for product warranty
  • For use with the HDb3000 composite card and if closed captions are required with the HDb3000 HDMI cards

Model # CAVC6
Model # CAVC6-X6 (6-pack)


ZvMXE Plus Set-Top Box

IP Set-Top Box for your Display
Receive sharp, detailed 1080p video and audio from the ZyPerMX, HDbridge, and ZvPro iSeries encoders , or any H.264 or MPEG-4 IP stream directly to your display.

Model # ZvMXE


ZyPer4K, Passive Copper 10GBase SFP+ Cable

Replaces Fiber Patch Cables
SFP+ Direct Access Cables (Copper Twinax Passive cables) offer a highly cost-effective way to connect ZyPer4K encoders/decoders to a 10Gb network switch and are suitable for short distances.. The SFP+ Direct Access cables support 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections and are compatible with most major brands of network switches.

Model # Z4KSFP-DAC-0.5M


ZyPer4K SFP+ Fiber Cable Transceiver

SFP+ for ZyPer4K Fiber Networks
The ZeeVee ZyPer4K small form-factor pluggable (SFP) connector module are designed for use with the fiber optic connector on the ZyPer4K encoder and decoders, as well as the network switch. Each connector is matched to a specific fiber type and distance, but are hot swappable if you need to change the cable length or type of fiber needed.

Model # Z4KSFP10G31-2K

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ZyPer4K IR Emitter Cable

Transmit IR signals to your source
Connects to your cable box, Blu-Ray player or other source to input IR signals from your ZyPer4K encoder.

Model # Z4KIRTX

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ZyPer4K, Cable, IR Receiver, Dual Band, 34-60KHz, 10ft

Receives IR signals from your remote
Connect the IR Receiver to your display and transmit your remote control information directly to your source over an IP network

Model # Z4KIRRX


Power Distribution Unit For ZyPer4K HDMI 2.0 Fiber Encoders Or Decoders

ZyPer4K Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit for 8x HDMI 2.0 Fiber Encoders or Decoders



ZeeVee ZvSync HD Digital Tuner / Decoder

Add a ZvSync Digital Tuner/Decoder to your projector, monitor, or other display to access over 100 different sources/channels of content over a coax cable.

  • Enables any projector, monitor or other display without a QAM or DVB-T digital tuner to connect to a ZvPro or HDbridge Encoder / RF Modulator
  • Converts coax cable signal to either HDMI or composite video
  • Small and easy to mount near a projector
  • Digital audio output over HDMI or analog audio output via an RCA connection
  • Uses an IR pigtail and remote for control of scanning and channel changing.

Model # ZvSync-NA is QAM and ATSC tuner
Model # ZvSync-EU is DVB-T tuner


ZyPer Management Platform

Easy control of sources and displays
Enables you to quickly setup and manage your ZyPer network up to an unlimited number of sources and displays. An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) lets you switch sources, create video walls, and send multiple sources to each display at the click of a mouse.

Model # Z4KMP24

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