How HD Sells Beer

A look at how bars and restaurants use ZeeVee to foster the right atmosphere and boost profits!

What’s more, ZeeVee is completely scalable, making it easy to add more screens or take some away whenever necessary with a bare minimum of fuss, and by using your existing coaxial cabling, you also save time and money on installation costs.

But don’t just take it from us — many bars and restaurants across the country have already jumped on the ZeeVee bandwagon to great success, and here are some of their stories…

HD sources are multiplying while HDTV prices are plummeting — just use ZeeVee digital modulators to distribute any number of games to every TV, and you’ve got the perfect way for bars and restaurants to provide quality entertainment for patrons, foster an engaging atmosphere, and sell more beer along the way.

Bar and restaurant owners know that the longer a customer stays in the establishment, the more money they are likely to spend, and one of the best ways to make that happen is via the use of HDTV. ZeeVee encoder/modulators offer the most affordable and simple method for bars and restaurants to distribute HDTV. Whether you broadcast the big game or digital signage, ZeeVee modulators provide a remarkably affordable, incredibly reliable option that is a breeze to set up.

Why choose ZeeVee?
ZeeVee HD modulators use coaxial cable to transmit programming to your screens, providing a high quality and low-cost alternative to HDMI and other solutions. With ZeeVee, you can broadcast up to 100 channels simultaneously in your bar or restaurant while using the cabling that probably already exists in your building. This is accomplished using RF modulation of the source, a technique that’s been around for a while but is only now making the leap over to HD. By using existing cabling in this way, you end up with high-quality programming on as many screens as you like without breaking the bank installing new wiring and trying to nd workarounds for compatibility issues.

Friday’s Front Row at Miller Park
Friday’s Front Row at Miller Park is a unique location – you can find it inside Milwaukee’s Miller Park where the Brewers play, providing their customers with a great view overlooking left eld, but they wanted to kick things up a notch by upgrading their old analog TV set-up to crystal clear HD. Friday’s Front Row started out with a Key Digital Composite matrix switch using RG6 terminated with RCA settings and a composite video distribution amp to accommodate the fact that they had more TVs than they had matrix outputs. When the installation was complete, the new HD set-up was very different: 5 ZvBox 170s connected to HD DirecTV receivers and a whopping 20 new at panel HDTVs with QAM tuners.

The result was a brand new HDTV system for Friday’s Front Row patrons to enjoy, set up in such a way that the restaurant can easily and efficiently add additional channels or displays when they want to, without having to utilize expensive baluns or larger matrix switches. In fact, it’s so easy, they’ve added another 4 HDTV displays since!

Jake’s Hamburgers
Dallas fixture Jake’s Hamburgers is known for its burgers, beer, and atmosphere, so when they opened up a brand new location on Henderson Street, they knew the key to creating an exciting environment for their customers to enjoy the game in would require some serious HDTV action. Since this was a brand new location, the installation team had a blank slate to work with while creating the new 22 screen system. The team installed 5 ZvBox 160s supplied by 5 Direct TV receivers, which were modulated to bands higher than ATSC broadcasts for combining ATSC content on the same cable.
The result for Jake’s was a beautifully designed, fully integrated HDTV set-up perfect for displaying the big game on any of those 22 screens.

Brann’s Steakhouse
Brann’s Steakhouse doesn’t do anything halfway, so when they decided to become the spot to watch the game, they went all out. They wanted to update their old, outdated analog TV system and that meant every new screen had to be HD. The installation team at JBMAudio in Kalamazoo made it happen, using 8 satellite boxes and 8 ZvBoxes to deliver 8 channels to every single one of the whopping 60 HDTV screens installed in Brann’s, not to mention the 6 HD projectors that fed 6 80” inch screens.

The use of ZvBoxes meant a minimum of new wiring and no baluns, and as a bonus, it also gave customers in the booths the ability to watch any of the 8 satellite boxes simply by selecting the corresponding ZvBox channel on the HDTV in the booth. Even better, the system was substantially less expensive than other solutions, and Brann’s was so pleased with the results that they had the set-up replicated in 5 additional locations.

Delicious Heights Restaurant
Delicious Heights is a beloved Berkeley Heights, NJ eatery, and when they opened a new location in Bedminster, their hearts were set on grand design. The plan was to gut an historic building and update it to create a high end establishment offering the nest in dining ambience – including plasma TVs. In addition to requiring crystal clear HD programming, Delicious Heights also needed full automation and integration so the owners had complete control and easy access to all channels on every screen.

To get the job done, the installation team chose to go with ZeeVee HDbridge 520 modulators, and the signal system features 30 displays ranging between 32” and 37” that are capable of showing eight different sources (six DirecTV, one Comcast Cable, one DVD). Everything is controlled by the Elan g! Automation System, which allows the staff to switch between video sources with any iOS device, POS terminal, or in-wall touchscreen.

Beef ’O’ Brady’s
Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is the place for families and friends to go enjoy great food and lots of on-screen entertainment. When the first location opened back in the mid-80s, it was filled with TVs and satellite dishes so patrons could enjoy watching a vast array of events as they ate. This winning combination has helped Beef O’Brady’s become one of the fastest growing chains in the country, so when franchisee Jason Chavez opened his own location in Lake Jackson, Texas in 2012, he envisioned crafting a sports and entertainment system that would allow every patron to see at least 4 different screens from any seat in the house.

That’s a pretty tall order, but the installation team from Best Buy’s Geek Squad knew just what to do – bring in ZeeVee equipment to get the job done. The location’s signal configuration included eight ZvBox 160s with a mix of Insig- nia and Samsung displays, two InFocus projectors, 12 Atlas speakers, and 10 security cameras. As Mr. Chavez explains, “Beef ‘O’Brady’s is about food and friends, but we can’t underestimate the importance of the high-quality entertainment we provide. That’s a huge part of our customer experience, so it was imperative that I choose the right solution and a solid installation partner.”

Binga’s Stadium Smokehouse Restaurant & Sports Bar
The owners of Binga’s Stadium know how to ask the important questions, specifically, “What’s the best way to distribute satellite HDTV to 30+ screens in our new restaurant and bar?” Excellent question, folks! They turned to the installation team at Home AV Solutions for answers, and after examining several different solutions, they decided to go with ZeeVee, namely the ZvPro 250, which distributes any video source as an HD channel to all connected displays, all over coax cabling. Connecting 9 satellite boxes to 9 ZvBoxes instantly gave Binga’s their own 9-channel private HD cable lineup, feeding all 30+ HDTVs in the eatery.

And it looks like Binga’s has a winner! The system has grown as the owners have become more familiar with the technology. By adding two ZvBox 150s that broadcast the output of cameras on the upper and lower levels of the multi-story facility, they can tune into either of these new Zv channels on any of the HDTVs in the restaurant so patrons can not only see what’s going on elsewhere in the building, but the owners can also keep an eye on their business easily and effectively.

Saints Pub + Patio
Saints Pub + Patio is a Lawrence, KS eatery where locals go to have a beer while they watch the game. Boasting numerous HDTVs for its patrons to enjoy the game, Saints was looking to upgrade the experience so sports fans could get even more bang for their buck while they enjoyed their drinks and Saints’ homemade burgers and fries, and that meant a brand new HDTV set-up using ZeeVee’s affordable, easy to use equipment.

When the installation team was finished in the summer of 2011, the Lawrence Saints location boasted 10 channels driving approximately 45 displays, using a total of 8 ZeeVee HDbridge 520s, and 2 ZvBox 170s. Since Saints is also a nightclub, the 170s now drive a signage and party pictures source, and provide a VJ input for the evening DJ and a karaoke input to broadcast the song stylings of the Lawrence locals.

Ready to Choose ZeeVee, Too?
As you can see, ZeeVee offers products that are versatile and perfectly suited to a wide range of applications for a bar or restaurant, from digital signage to broadcasting sports events to VJ style karaoke. HD video distribution over exist- ing coax is enormously efficient in terms of time and money, and the systems are easy to expand whenever you’re ready — to add more HDTVs, all you have to do is connect them to the coax, and to add more sources, all you need to do is hook up another modulator to make another HD channel. With ZeeVee, you can create as simple or as complex a set-up as your establishment needs, and accessing those sources will be as easy as just changing the channel.

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