ZeeVee Delivers Video to the ‘World’s Largest LED Video Wall’ at the Westgate SuperBook®

Westgate Superbook at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino has gone through a massive renovation to establish itself as the world's most renowned and technologically advanced Sportsbook.The 25,000 square foot facility was designed to create a stadium-like experience for customers – being touted as the “world’s largest LED video wall” measuring 18 feet tall and 220 feet wide and comprising 1,640 2.5-millimeter Christie Velvet LED tiles and boasting more than 65 million pixels; over 400 relaxation lounger chairs; and a 100-foot-long curved bar that conforms to the shape of the video wall. Every seat in the Westgate Superbook was designed to offer a “front-row” viewing experience.


Setting the standard and vision for how a Sportsbook should look and feel, Westgate enlisted the help of HB Communications to ensure their vision became a reality. The audiovisual design of the Sportsbook was essential to creating the ultimate entertainment experience for customers. HB designed and built the new Sportsbook leveraging many industry-leading manufactures for a complete AV solution. ZeeVee was chosen for its renowned video distribution capabilities.


The use of which manufacturer’s video encoders and modulators in one of the Westgate’s most important revenue generators was never really in doubt according to Kelly Hall, Video Systems Manager, Westgate Las Vegas Resort. “Even before HB Communications made the recommendation to use ZeeVee for the video distribution, we knew we wanted to use their products…there was just no question,” said Hall.


A key upgrade to the renovation was broadcasting programming and digital signage in HD to all displays throughout the Sportbook, as well as to the conference center approximately 3,000 feet away. To ensure the highest quality video, HB Communications recommended ZeeVee’s HDbridge line of digital encoder/modulators, the HDbridge2840 and 2640 for HD sports content and the HDbridge2312 for SD horse racing content.


Prior to the upgrade, 66 percent of the Sportsbook’s displays showed horse racing while 33 percent showed other sporting events due to the lack of HD capability. Now with the upgrade to HD, 66 percent of the screens are showing all sporting events and 33 percent are showing horse racing, as much of horseracing is still only shot in SD. Although the percentage of screens displaying horse racing has changed, the Westgate designed that section of the Sportsbook so every seat has its own monitor and betting capability.

In a Sportsbook of this size, generally speaking reliability and latency are usually a huge concern. Providing such a complex install, loaded with video walls, made latency even more of a concern, but one that was managed effectively by HB Communications. Reliability on the other hand was never really a concern for the Westgate with regard to the video distribution. “We had used ZeeVee prior to the renovation and have always been pleased with its ease of use and reliability – once its set-up, you never have to touch it,” stated Hall. While ZeeVee prides itself on ease of use, Hall believes it could just as easily be all about features. “No other manufacturer can beat their price and still offer the feature set we have come to expect from ZeeVee,” Hall explained.