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ZeeVee HD/SD encoders and RF modulators convert video sources such as satellite receivers and digital signage players into digital cable channels that are broadcast over existing coax cabling to an unlimited number of HDTVs.

You can even use a single coaxial cable to deliver hundreds of channels.  It’s inexpensive and simple to use.  It’s reliable.  And it’s already everywhere.  Plus, most new HDTVs have tuners already built into them, so setup is a breeze.

ZeeVee HD/SD encoders and RF modulators are deployed in tens of thousands of installations such as Corporate Centers, Sports Bars, Academia, Assisted Living, Stadiums, Casinos, Hospitals, Houses of Worship, Hotels, Fitness Centers, Digital Signage and more.  See our Showcase to learn more.

ZeeVee revolutionizes Digital Video Distribution.

The “old” days were all about analog head ends. They were easy, reliable and inexpensive. HD changed picture quality by an order of magnitude, but it required new broadcasting gear - big iron with a heavy price tag. Everyone wanted it, but few could afford it.

ZeeVee changed the rules. We didn’t reverse engineer and try to strip out costs. Instead, we rebuilt from the ground-up. We invested over a hundred man-years into developing a platform that does complex HD MPEG encoding completely in software running on custom hardware - an industry first.  Every other aspect of the system, including video capture and frequency-agile RF modulation was also rebuilt, achieving cost points thought impossible for these functions, all while maintaining broadcast quality and robustness.

The result is a set of products that are highly configurable, incredibly scalable, simple to use, ultra-reliable and ridiculously affordable - all over existing coaxial cabling. Digital Video for all!

ZeeVee's unified architecture carries through all members of our HDbridge 2000 Series and ZvPro family:

• A common look and feel – familiarity you can trust!
• Identical configuration and management interfaces – via color front-panel LCD and/or web-based (Maestro) software
• Universal ZvDin connector for snug connections from component and/or VGA sources
• The same powerful digital signal processors – delivering exceptional video quality in every product
• Multi-channel configurations – taking up less space is a good thing!
• Closed caption support – in every model

The bottom line: once you know how to use one of our new products (which is simple) you can easily deploy and manage any version, with any input type, anywhere!

To learn more, click over to our Products page, or visit the Showcase to see how others are deploying ZeeVee solutions. We’d love to hear about your own application, so feel free to send us an email, too.

… a runaway success.

                       —Jeff Kussard, Capitol Sales

… just what the market has been waiting for.

                       —Jeff Burgess, CEO, JB&A