About ZeeVee

ZeeVee, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of digital encoder/modulators for commercial video distribution applications with offices in the United States and Europe. ZeeVee has transformed digital video distribution by producing award-winning commercial grade products featuring easy setup and installation, delivering a single intuitive platform for all video distribution and digital signage needs. ZeeVee HD/SD encoders and RF modulators convert video sources into digital cable channels that can be broadcast over existing coax cabling to an unlimited number of displays, making ZeeVee ideally suited for complex retrofit applications. Since 2006, ZeeVee has provided an efficient, reliable and profitable solution to installers of video distribution and digital signage solutions in such market segments as assisted living, casinos, corporate centers, educational institutions, fitness centers, hospitals, hotels, houses of worship, restaurants/sports bars, stadium/arenas, and other facilities. ZeeVee products have been deployed in thousands of installations worldwide and are available through distribution partners.

We want a simple way to distribute video at a lower price point than the traditional video matrix. HDbridge offers great video quality while making it simple to add displays. Factoring in its high reliability, the choice is a no-brainer.

                       —Chima Gale, President, 360 Media Innovations

One wire in, one wire out. It's a beautiful thing!

                       —Patrick Cain, Front Row Audio Video