About ZeeVee

ZeeVee Overview

ZeeVee digital video distribution products enable the sharing of High Definition and Standard Definition content at an unlimited number of displays, over existing coaxial cabling.

The ZvPro® and HDbridge 2000® lines of HD encoding/RF modulation gear provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for digital signage and numerous other applications of public and/or private video distribution.

Our History

ZeeVee was conceived in 2006 by technology experts Vic Odryna, Jeremy Greene, Steve Metzger and Andy Marcuvitz, who realized that widespread adoption of HD video was being limited by relative cost and complexity. Upgrading from analog to digital video distribution was costly and complicated; the ZeeVee team saw this as the primary disconnect between explosive emergence of HDTVs and customers' ability to access high quality video content. In a breathtaking development phase, they hired leading engineers in TV and broadcast technologies and harnessed the latest technology for digital signal processing. ZeeVee reverse engineered the typical video distribution system, launching ZvBox in May 2008 to widespread acclaim. Since then, the company has continued to revolutionize digital video distribution by producing products that are commercial grade, highly flexible, extremely reliable and incredibly cost-effective.